Monday, 9 March 2009

Plan for the week.....AGAIN

Monday - Theory with Anna AM, and then doing last minute touch ups for PPRD where necessary. Hand in 4.30PM

Tuesday, Weds and Thursday - Cracking on with FMP I want all my research finished by this weekend, at least printed off. Three days of solid hard work should put me in the position where I have enough information to start designing.

Friday - Home for the weekend for my Dads 50th. 

Monday - Back to Bournemouth for Berlin!! 

Friday, 6 March 2009

Final CV

PPRD Hand In

Well the hand in is on monday and I feel that I am pretty much there... I have already done everything on Neil's list below, but everything needs bits doing to it and touch ups. I have completely redesigned my CV which is now complete to a high professional standard and all the work that I am proud of and feel represents me has been documented as a plan in a simple PDF which I can print out and amend at a later date, as I know that by the end of this course I will want to add my FMP work to it at least. 

As I have kept up my blog religiously this year I am confident that there is sufficient planning, reflection and development shown in this over the year to meet the assessment requirements and learning outcomes. Last year I didn't make much effort with this unit and I managed to scrape a pass handing in handouts and evaluations. I learnt my lesson from this as I didn't benefit from it at all so this year I have almost got addicted to this blog documenting everything. It has come to be part of my daily routine to update it religiously. Although I started it off with the intention of it being just for PPRD it is now alot more personal than that and I will be carrying it on to the end of the course as I like doing it, and looking back on my posts to see what I have achieved throughout the year and the goals I set myself.

Dear all,

To confirm the hand in for PPRD is the end of the day (4.30) Monday the 9th. There is a sign in sheet in the store cupboard - Jo, Kit or myself can sign it off. 

You need to hand in:

  • A correctly spelt blog address or print based journal
  • Plan for portfolio
  • CV
  • Evidence of live projects and competition brief

Also can the people who students who volunteered for the show preparation meet me on Monday at 2.00 for a brief briefing. 

Good luck,

Neil Leonard  

Research and Development Tutorial

I was a bit apprehensive about this tutorial as I wasn't really sure what the tutors were expecting from us by means of volume of work, however Mike seemed very happy that had enough work in my sketch book so far, and a sufficent amount of research. 

We agreed that I do need to stop looking into the history of The Moulin Rouge now though and concentrate on looking at the film and collecting materials/ images etc to use for my illustrations.

I am very aware that we are quite into this brief but I still have so much that I want to do and time seems to be running out already if I continue to stick to my own personal goals. I wanted all my research done by next weekend, so that when I am back from Berlin I can begin designing over easter. But I think I am going to have to balance this with further research as I feel there are alot more topics I need to look at to support my ideas and then my work. 

Thursday, 5 March 2009

'A View Of London' AOI show

Neil has just sent round information about this competition:

A View of London
AOI/London Transport Museum members exhibition

To be held 18 May – 14 June 2009
AOI is delighted to announce an exhibition in partnership with London Transport Museum (LTM). 
The exhibition will feature the work of AOI members under the theme of ‘A View of London’ – illustrations 
celebrating the vibrancy of present day London.
The exhibition will be open to all AOI members, as part of our promotion of the illustration profession, with selected images being displayed in the Museum’s gallery from 18 May to 14 June 2009 - a fantastic opportunity to have your work exhibited in this great central London venue in Covent Garden which attracts thousandsof visitors per week. 
Artwork entered for selection should be: an image of London, portraying the city as an exciting and varied place for Londoners and visitors alike, reflecting aspects of London which you relate to and enjoy. The selection will be made by AOI and LTM executives.
Deadline: Friday 20 March 2009
For further details on submitting for this exciting opportunity click on

Illustration by Chris Watson

Neil Leonard  

Senior Lecturer, FdA Visual Communication
The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
BH12 5HH

Portfolio Tips

I have just got an Email from Neil with a link to a brilliant Portfolio guidance and tips PDF.

I'm am sure this is going to come in very handy this weekend.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


This was a quick CV that I produced for my website as I didn't have much time, but I have now developed that into a much better designed piece of Art work. 

New CV.....

I still need to add a few sections to it and do some final touch ups though. 

Monday, 2 March 2009

Time Plan

As this is the week running up to the PPRD deadline I will be prioitising on getting my CV perfect and doing my Portfolio whether it be a PDF or actual one (depending on them finally coming in). 

Monday: Theory all day - Carrying on with research

Tuesday: Day out - Lulworth Cove & Durdledoor, just because its supposed to be a nice day!

Wednesday: Working on PPRD

Thursday: FMP - Carrying on with research, building up sketch book and preparing for tomorrows critique.

Friday: Critique, and then after that making sure I have everything I need either printed off or scanned in for PPRD and Portfolio to add finishing touches to over the weekend.

PPRD DEADLINE - Monday 9th March. (1 week today)

Theory Session AM

After still being a bit dubious of what I am going to do with my essay I am now completely sorted. Because only three people turned up for our session this morning me, Tom and Megs were lucky enough to have about a 20 minute one on one with Anna. 

I have finally defined my essay title "A critical analysis of contemporary fashion illustration in postmodernism".  

So this is a good starting point to begin my research now.. although this title may change to suit what I write about at a later date.
Anna suggested that I start with my images and case studies and let my work develop on from them, whilst showing key contextual and critical theories. I must also analyze, compare, conclude and evaluate constantly, whilst looking at the AIMS, UNIT OUTCOMES and ASSESSMENT CRITERIA. 

I have now got a reading list to begin my research for this topic surrounding Illustration V's Photography in Postmodernism and Julie Verhoeven.

I will be researching around these topics about Julie Verhoeven:
  • Approaches to Fashion Illustration
  • Fearlessness to produce erotic and fairly disturbing imagery - reasons behind this, theories, concepts and approaches.
  • Visual language her images provide.
  • Her work been seen as Postmodern.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Initial Research Tutorial with Kit

This tutorial went really well and has restored my confidence in my idea and that I am on the right track - I needed this!

It was nice to just explain what I have been looking into so far and how far I had got in my sketch book. I explained that I had just started my initial research by looking at the history of Paris and the setting at the time the Moulin Rouge came about. 

Which includes the year of 1889 - Effiel Tower being built, First Cinematic Screening, State of the Industrial Revolution, The Nineteenth 'The Belle Epoque'.

Although these topics don't relate directly to my project I am researching them briefly to give me and understanding of the style of life at this time which would have influenced and been reflected in the 2001 film.

After this I will move onto look at the Art surrounding this era such as: Art Nouveau, Japonism, Post Impressionism, Lithography, Printing facilities at that time and not forgetting Henri Toulouse - Lautrec.

Kit gave me some really positive feedback and gave me even more direction. We agreed that my Illustrations will need to be something new and fresh, and showing the colour and flamboyancy of the Moulin Rouge. She also suggested that I look at new elements I could bring in to my style like screen printing which I will defiantly do.

Artist & work to research surrounding this are Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe prints, and the Banksy Kate Moss prints.

But Kits main advice was to make sure that I am moving forward, and not get carried away with all the research leaving me not enough time to produce my final piece. As there are alot of things I will need to look into like analysis the film and quotes to support my illustrations. I need to focus on moving forward both the practical and modern research with the historical research, keeping the balance right. 

1st Meeting for Pal Manual

We had our first meeting today regarding the Pal manual where everyone showed anything they had produced so far. 



It went really well and we soon established how we were going to work together to produce this as everyone was allocated a different area to develop.

These are as follows - 

Luke is going to reword the existing literature to a much more suitable volume which can then be placed onto the design.

George is going to be in charge of contacting printing companies/ finding out the costs for what we propose to do.

Tom and Lewis will be working together to design the layout of the Pal manual after presenting their initial ideas.

Then Me, Nick and Emily will produce illustrations to support the literature.

However this did propose a problem as we decided that the manual needs to run with an ongoing theme throughout, so by having the work of three different illustrators with three different styles might not work.  So it was suggested that we each come up with our own work and then what ever designs are most suitable/work the best will be used. 

But on the other hand there will be three sections for the manual which are: Principles of Pal, Group techniques and then Activities. Which would mean one of us would be allocated a section each to Illustrate depending on how similar a style we can work.  Only we have to wait for the layout to be designed first anyway, before Tom and Lewis can tell us what illustrations they want for where, which is slightly annoying as I just want to get stuck in.

It has been decided that there are going to be two separate parts that will be produced.

The first will be the actual PAL MANUAL and the second will be more like a folder to support the Pal Manual which you can add handout/your own notes/timetables to etc. As the actual manual needs to be kept so that a wide range of different courses can use it at the AIB, the supporting folder will be more personal to the course of study and the student. 

I feel like we are going to be really successful in working together to produce something worthwhile that will used by students after us to help and support them with their learning, not just on our course but across the whole Arts Institute. 

Brief Pal Manual

Today I was briefed on the Pal Manual, which gave me the basic understanding of what this project is and what is expected to be achieved by us. I am glad that I am now on the same level and up to date with the rest of the group. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Live brief - Pal Manual

I have emailed Kit today after Neil suggested I should regarding the Pal manual. So hopefully as they haven't began with this yet I will be able to work on this brief as well. I am very anxious that I haven't yet done a live brief and the deadline for PPRD is getting closer and closer, plus I would like to work on something that we can leave our mark on for following years students to come.

Hi Kit,

I was wondering if there is still time.. could I join in on this brief.

I emailed Neil at the end of last week to ask what Illustration briefs he had and he recommended I got in contact with you about this one.

I know the others have already been briefed.



Time Planning - Brown Book and Calender

As of today I have brought a small book in which I am going to write lists of everything I want to do/need to do for each day. So it will be like an organiser/diary but will also give me the opportunity of setting personals goals. I am hoping that this will allow me to structure my time more carefully and by seeing a list of individual things I need to do, it will give me the drive to aim to get these things done.

Here is yesterdays list:
  • Carry on with FMP - Complete research in sketchbook on 'The history of Paris at the time of the Moulin Rouge'.
  • Catch up with blog for the weekend and yesterday.
  • Email Sally to arrange a tutorial.
James Ramsay has also emailed round a calender which he has created up until May, for everyone to use - thanks James!!

I will defiantly be printing a copy off of this to use to see what I have got to do, and when its got to be done by.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Session with Charlotte

We had a really helpful session with Charlotte today who after getting us to brainstorm key words surrounding our essay titles, showed us how to search databases to find relevant books, journals, campaigns etc.

I am very pleased we had this session because I have been struggling to find campaigns for my title to hopefully on here it will broaden my choices and provide me with the suitable research which I can then base my essay on. 

Friday, 20 February 2009

Learning Agreement



Name: Lauren Cox

Course: Fda Visual Communication     Level: 2

Unit: Professional Project

Reference number: VCM209

Credit Points: 45

Study Hours: 450 hours

Tutors:  Sally Hope, Kit Johnson, Mike Ryan and Neil Leonard.



I have a basic understanding of Editorial and Fashion Illustration, however

from this project I want to gain the professional skills, knowledge and

understanding which will enable me to apply my work into this area of

design in the industry.


As there is already a huge market surrounding Editorial and Fashion Illustration and I am confident that my designs will appeal to, and fit comfortably within this market. The obvious market is the audience for the show Moulin Rouge, however I believe that this can be extended to anyone who is interested in this area of design.


I will produce a series of Fashion Illustrations focusing on the costume designs from both the early 1889 productions of the Moulin Rouge though to the modern interpretation by Baz Luhmann in his 2001 production. After scheduling Moulin Rouge has never been staged as a theatre production so I will use this opportunity to use my Illustrations as part of a campaign to promote the opening of the Broadway musical – Moulin Rouge! By means of souvenirs or collectors items. These will be displayed on a series of double page spreads that I will design, in a program for the show that would be available for the audience.




I will achieve this by evidencing my understanding through detailed synthesis and development work. This will be done through extensive research surrounding the subject area, which will then allow me to progress forward informing design decisions and communicating my ideas clearly.  My project work will be advanced showing my understanding of necessary concepts allowing me to show creativity, maturity and direction in my working. Researching and analysis topics such as: The history of Moulin Rouge, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Post Impressionism, Lithography and the History of the Poster will show that I have clearly identified all relevant topics to gain complete understanding of my chosen project. I will also evidence that I have researched and gained suitable knowledge into the hardware and software programs I will be using. I will then present my final ideas, on design sheets to evidence realisation through the presentation of my work. This along with the presentation of my final pieces will be produced to a professional industry standard evidencing my professionalism and creativity throughout my work.AIMS


·      I want to consolidate my creativity and practical skills in response to a stimulated professional brief.

·      To develop my creativity and my knowledge, and understanding of professional practice.

·      As well as developing and producing a professional standard of creative work in response to a stimulated brief.

·      And finally to prepare myself for employment, freelance work or further study.


On completion of this unit for Learning Outcome One I want to have:


·      Demonstrated a professional standard of creativity and practical ability including:

·      Work that technically comparable to that made within a specific genre.

·      Work that shows and awareness of contemporary trends, styles and subject matter, within commercial contexts.

·      As well as work that shows a very high degree of creativity and aesthetic judgement.

For Learning Outcome Two I will have:


·      Demonstrated a professional ability to plan my time and work using Project time planning and working successfully with others in the production of my creative outcome.

For Learning Outcome Three I will be able to:


·      Respond appropriately to the demands of a professional/self-initiated brief including appropriate creative outcomes to industry/work related briefs.

And finally for Learning Outcome Four I will be able to:


·      Demonstrate readiness for employment, freelance work or further study with the confidence in the level of my creative, practical and professional knowledge skills.


Illustrative work, concepts and idea generation with research into the specified areas and contemporary practices, plus editorial and fashion illustration.  These will be accompanied by a series of design sheets leading to a final outcome of 6 – 8 final fashion illustrations, and a full program booklet. 100%


Evidence of understanding through synthesis and development - Research used to inform design decisions and communicate ideas (LO1)

Evidence of knowledge of concepts and contexts - Project work that shows creative maturity and direction within a commercial context (LO1,LO2)

Evidence of understanding through research and analysis. - Extensive research, and the application of it, used for the underpinning and final conclusion of project work (LO1,LO2,LO3)

Evidence of understanding through critical evaluation and reflection - The objectives of the research have clearly been identified and used to inform project work. (LO1,LO2)

Evidence of knowledge of technical processes – Knowledge of suitable hardware and software required for the planned project (LO1, LO2)

Evidence of realisation through presentation - Work is placed within a commercial context and appropriate methods of presentation used. (LO3)

Evidence of realisation through technical application and skills - A synthesis of creativity and professionalism is demonstrated in the conclusion of the project work (LO1)

Evidence of realisation through communication of ideas – Presentation of learning agreement and finished project (LO1, LO2, LO3)


Managing self               R

Professional Skills        R  

Team working              £


Throughout this project I plan to research:

Fashion Illustration

Theatre promotion

Program Design

Pattern Design




Research and Development group tutorials


Research and Development group tutorials


Research and Development group tutorials


1st Interim Critique (Research and Development)


Deign and Concept group Tutorials


Deign and Concept group Tutorials


Deign and Concept group Tutorials


Deign and Concept group Tutorials


Deign and Concept group Tutorials


2nd Interim Critique (initial design concepts)

Easter Holidays


Deign and Concept group Tutorials


3rd Interim Critique (Presentation of possible solutions)


Resolution Tutorials


Resolution Tutorials


Resolution Tutorials


Resolution Tutorials


Final Critique

01.04.09 – Staff Development Day


Tutorials and print deadline






Before this is handed in I will redesign it as a piece of design work, rather than just a word document, plus it will then be much more detailed by means of research and time planning rather than just a list of the main dates.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Planning my Time

As my timetable seems to be busier than it has ever been before because of the amount of different briefs we have on the go at the moment I have decided to plan my days and dedicate them to the different briefs rather than working how I am at the moment, which is doing a bit here and a bit there on everything which isn't allowing me to get stuck into just one thing a a time. I think I will be able work alot better once I have structured a plan. 

I need to consider finding time for my:
  • Professional Project
  • CVC Unit - 2500 Assignment
  • PPRD - Live Brief 
  • D&AD
Mondays - CVC Unit only.
Tuesdays - PPRD Live Brief 
Wednesdays - PPRD Live Brief and D&AD
Thursdays - Professional Project
Fridays - Professional Project
Weekend - This will be open to anything that needs prioritising. 

This will defiantly need to be stuck to until the 9th of March when PPRD will be handed in which will then free up more time to dedicate solely to my Professional Project. 

Live Briefs

I have had a response from Neil today, suggesting that there might be another live brief I would be interested in which is the PAL manual one run by Kit. So I need to get in contact with Kit as well as Jo regarding the other brief to determine which one will be more beneficial to me.


There would be a place for Illustration in the Rivermeet brief and you might want to talk to Kit about the PAL manual.


Neil Leonard  

Senior Lecturer, FdA Visual Communication
The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
BH12 5HH

T: 01202 363275
F: 01202 537729

Response from Anna

This morning every one received a response from Anna regarding sending her our chosen/proposed assignment titles. Although this was a general email I feel alot happier already about the unit and feel I have now been given some guidance from her suggestions on where to get started. 

Dear All,
thank you to those who have sent proposed essay topics/titles and related material. At this stage I realise that you wont all have fully defined the focus of your essay, but having the topic area defined will help you with this. To help get started on this process here are some things you should do over the next week or so before I see you for the seminars on 2nd March:
1. Key word search- as with last year, doing a 30- 60min search session on the library catalogue search database or google will help you come up with some relevant sources for the essay- both visual and text based. If you put in key terms, but alter them each time you will often get different texts coming up; EG: If I was looking for something around typography and postmodern design I may try the following terms; Typography + Postmodernism; Postmodern graphic design; postmodern design; visual communication and postmodernism; postmodern design theory; typography and graphic design, typography and theory; .... and so on!! if you have key names (Carson, Brody, Barnbrook etc) search those names and add words to narrow the search. This should start to give you a range of sources that you can then narrow down by selecting or rejecting the texts/books by looking through the contents, index page and bibliography in the book.
2. Also look at Design journals and websites for past articles around your topic- this can also be useful for images.
3. search for exhibitions or online websites of key practitioners you may be interested in.
4. look at the data bases linked to library section of AIB website/Blackboard. Remember you can search the library catalogue from any pc at home or on campus- just log on to AIB and click on the library links- you may be prompted to give user name and pass word.
5. KEEP A RESEARCH FILE!! put in all your notes and photocopies from texts/articles, keep careful note of all your sources, noting down authors, title, date, publicher, or if article, magazine name as well and volume numbers and page numbers for any quotations. Also collect any images you may need and put in the file if photocopies. If you work on a lap top or want to save texts and images create a new electronic file to put in all the research material and always back it up on disc or memory stick. Remember this is a stand alone unit, but you can take your research topic/theme and expolre it more fully or from a different angle for level 6 BA unit Investigative Study.
6. Charlotte's sessio will help you get material for the essay and even if you still dont have a clear focus/defined title, you will be able to gather material that roughly corresponds with your area of interest. Dont forget to attend in your groups next Monday 23rd Feb!!
7. Finally for the next session on 2nd March please read the methodologies section of the unit handbook- we will cover this in those seminars, plus we will help you define the foucs and case studies you will write about if you have not yet done so your self, so dont panic!!
STATEMENTED STUDENTS SEEING LEARNING SUPPORT: Please note, you need to let me know again that you are attending , or have made, appointments to see LS for the duration of this unit, and that you would like to apply for an extension. I can then send this list to Brian Long and Neil and if approved you will normally be able to have a two week extension. You can notify me by email or when I see you on 2nd.
Thank you!

Hopefully I will receive some personal feedback from my email as well just to clarify that I am on the right track and that I have chosen a suitable topic to commit to. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Live Brief Oppourtunity

Here is an email sent round by Neil regarding a new live brief that has become available. As I still need to take part in one for my PPRD I am very eager to get this underway as it will need to be completed over the next 3 weeks. 

Firstly could you confirm if you are working on the Rivermeet live project. The team that set it are eager to see some ideas. As a reminder you can do as much or a little of this brief as you like, the main thing they are after is an identity.

Secondly, a new brief. As part of the Cultural Olympics the Evolution Rocks festival in Lyme Regis is holding a small film festival and they need some design work – anyone interested?

Lastly, keep blogging:


Neil Leonard  

Senior Lecturer, FdA Visual Communication
The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
BH12 5HH

T: 01202 363275
F: 01202 537729

I have emailed a response back to this to see if it will be suitable for me to take part in as I really want to chose a live brief that will allow me to use Illustration rather Graphic Design. So when I get an email back hopefully I will  be able to get more information on this and get stuck in!

Hi Neil,

I still need a live brief so I was wondering if Illustration could be used for the design work?

If so I would defiantly like to be involved in this.


Emailing Anna Essay Title

We has to email Anna a proposed title for our essays today by 5pm. I still haven't managed to come up with a sound title that I am 100% with but I did email her a couple of titles to get some feedback on.

Hi Anna,

"I want to investigate how their is a current demand for hand rendered illustration rather than photographic within editorial and fashion illustration by looking at campaigns by Nick Knight and Julie Verhoven".

However I'm not sure if this would be a better subject...

" I am going to decode, analyse and compare the functions of hand rendered illustration against photographic illustration within editorial illustration". - Also using Nick Knight and Julie Verhoven.

I'm not sure if this is still too broad or and although I have tried it could probably be worded better?

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Preparation for Screen Printing

I haven't had the oppourtunity to do screen printing since A Level and even then it wont be to the standard that I will be able to undertake tomorrow. I have only screen printed drawing the image myself with Blue Filler but I know tomorrow I will be using a more modern updated technique which I cannot wait to experiment with!

As I am looking at costume for my Professional project and then pattern will link into this so I thought I would pick a couple of patterns to experiment the screen printing with. Here a selection that I am going to consider using. I have chosen these because they have some relevance to my professional project - apart from the Zebra image but I just liked this and thought it would print well. 



Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have been researching into the company to give me a broader perspective on their ethics and image. I have been looking at the logo, and the arts impressions of the new building that we are designing the Illustration for. I am now much more aware of the scale that it is going to be projected onto. 

I feel that I know have enough research on the company and that I now need to progress on idea generating for the final piece. I will need to look into the aspects of the countryside/earth/greenery/nature and then tie this in with the idea of a community and knowledge. 

I am very aware that I should be alot further than I am with this so I'm defiantly prioritisong this brief at the moment.


Well today has been..... long to say the least. We were supposed to have prepared a 1 minute presentation to do to the rest of the course to gain feedback upon. However they went on for a lot longer and lasted the whole day. 

Although this was arranged to benefit us I don't feel like it has benefited me but rather taken away days researching that I had planned to do. Although I got more feedback on my idea it ended up contradicting what I had been previously told. After a tutorial with Sally and Kit yesterday I was told I had a good foundation for a project and that I now needed to begin researching, whereas today I got the feedback I needed to define what I wanted to do as at the moment a series of Illustrations isn't enough work for the 12 week period.

After being pleased that I had finally got a clear idea that had been given the ok to develop, I know feel a bit disheartened as I seem to be going round in circles still. I am very aware that three weeks have passed an I haven't began my sketch book yet!

So I need to relook at maybe adding narrative from the play to my illustrations, another idea was designing the whole program instead of just a spread.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

First Draft of my Learning Agreement


After neglecting this brief yet again, I am going to know make this one of my higher priorities to get completed. I have began by reading the brief again and getting an understanding of who and what KPMG are and the work they do.

"KPMG is one of the largest professional services in the world offering tax, audit and advisory services. Their employees are very important to them and there position as a market leader depends on the excellence and knowledge of their people. They want to be regarded as outstanding professionals who work together to deliver value".

I have picked out some main points which I feel I will need to reflect in my design:
  • Global Network of Firms.
  • Largest accounting firm in Europe.
  • 'Knowledge is Valuable'.
  • Working environment where people can 'flourish' and fulfill their potential.
  • Lend a human aspect to the office environment.
  • Community.
  • Employees.
Keywords: Global, Network, Knowledge, Flourish, Employees, Human.

From this I have decided that I want my Illustration to reflect these aspects but not the inner city, office lifestyle. So I will be focusing on Colour, Nature, Countryside, Holidays. 

Monday, 9 February 2009

First Theory Session

We had our first Theory session with Anna today and I am very pleased with how it went, we were informed that by the end of the hour session we would have to have a title for the assignment. I thought that this was going to be impossible as I didn't have a clue what I could do?

However Anna was great, all I explained was my idea for my FMP and that I wanted to progress onto Ba Illustration, then that I am interested in editorial/narrative and fashion Illustration. From this we came up with the idea that I will focus on how there is a growing preference for hand rendered Illustration rather than photographic within fashion/editorial Illustration.
Things that I could look at regarding this are,
  • How the two express/signify something different.
  • Use of them in Mainstream magazines such as ID, Vogue, Pop, Dazed&Confused.
  • Analyse and decode the functions of selected Illustrations.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the consumer.
I will need to narrow this down further though, by comparing campaigns by a Fashion Photographer and an Illustrator such as Nick Knight and Julie Verhoven.
It was recommended that we get the nessessary books out of the library asap as the degree courses will all be starting their essays as well.
For next weeks session we need to have a working title and campaigns to decode/analyse and compare. I am very determined to make the most of Anna's sessions this time as it is alot more independent self directed study as it is.


This is the idea I have decided to progress with after running it through with both Sally and Kit and getting the thumbs up.

I am going to produce a set of Illustrations about 6 -8 to illustrate the production Moulin Rouge, which can be used as collectors items or souvenirs. As this hasn't been made into a West End show I am going to produce the material for this as if it was. I will design a page in the program the audience would have been given when attending the show where these Illustrations will be advertised, plus a poster as other advertising material. 

The Illustrations will be focusing on the costume designs from that era, and will be displayed in fashion illustrations. I will be using a range of collage-able materials focusing on the colour and texture of the costumes. I will be researching into the history of the Moulin Rouge, how it came about and how it changed from the days of Post Impressionism and Toulouse Lautrec, to the modern day 2001 production by Baz Lurhmann starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. 

Here is some initial brainstorming:

Here are the areas in which I am going to begin my research on to fully understand as many aspects of the Moulin Rouge.

Where it was set - Pigalle, Montmatre, Paris.
Time era it was produced/came about.
Period between two wars, and period of transition.
Can-Can Dance - French Can Can
Miss Doris, Doris Girls
Costumes - Materials and Designers
Henri Toulouse Lautrec (his posters for Moulin Rouge) & Post Impressionist Period
+ other artists of his time like Dali, Picasso, Van Gough.
Art Nouvoue  
History of the Poster
Lithography & Printing History of this time

Baz Luhmann
2001 Production
Brought a trend in further films - Chicago, Sweeny Todd, Dream Girls
Promotional Material from this.
Release details

Compare all of the above against the original Moulin Rouge/original designs for costumes/ advertising.
Why has it not been shown as a West End Musical?

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Finally a solid idea?

After deliberating over the weekend, I think I have finally found a topic that might be suitable for my professional project.

I want to produce a set of Illustrations focusing on the costume and fashion of the production, these could then be sold as collectors items or souvenirs for those who have seen any of the productions from the original shows in Paris or Baz Luhrmanns 2001 film. I could then place these contextually be designing a poster that would advertise them and a spread in the program that would be available when attending a show.

However I am going to run this past the Tutors before I begin the research etc.

Plan for the Week

Friday, 6 February 2009

A further chat with Sally and Hayley

We had another group tutorial today with all the illustrators which was good as I got to hear about everyones ideas. Being a little stuck on my own I was hoping to use this a bit of inspiration. 

Mike Ryan gave a quick presentation on previous projects that have been produced for FMP's and I was shocked when one was shown which was the re-branding of the clothes show, which was near enough the same as my original idea. I had pretty much written of this idea but seeing it again made me think twice about it seen as Mike informed us that this was a very successful one.

However when I proposed this at the tutorial i was again directed away from it for the same reasons as before. I got quite fustrated because alot of people have very solid ideas that they can get on and progress with, whereas I feel I am just going around in circles. A draft of our Learning Agreements were due to be in at the end of today but I dont feel I can produce one that is even satisfactory until I have defined a clear idea. 

It was suggested that I look into Costume and produce fashion illustrations using this theme rather than base them solely on your more typical 'catwalk' illustrations. This has really appealed to me but I was uncertain of what I could produce as a final piece - would a set of Illustrations solely be enough? 
It was also pointed out that Illustrators jobs are to work with a piece of text they are given and Illustrate it so as I want to progress onto Ba Illustration this is something that I am going to have to show I am capable doing. 

A few classics that I have come to mind that I could illustrate are Casanova, Pride & Prejudice, Moulin Rouge and Chicago.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Professional Project Tutorial with Sally

I came in this morning with a few vague initial ideas, but after this group tutorial with Sally it has put on the right track and got the ideas flowing. I feel that I have a much more clearer idea of what is expected of us/what we need to produce by means of volume of work which has now made it easier to brainstorm ideas that are much more realistic. Whereas before I was looking at projects that would simply be to big which would hold me back from completing them as  thoroughly and as professionally as I could. 

I was told last week that this is going to be the mater piece of my Portfolio this is the piece of work which could potentially get me a job, or progress me onto further education by means of a Ba. I was asked where I see myself this time next year and that, that is where I need to use this project to get me there. 

I am an Illustrator and therefore this project will be the key to progressing onto third year Illustration. 

Initial Ideas:

Editorial Illustration

 - Using a classic Fairy Tale and re-illustrating it with my own work. 
 - Most Fairy Tales have a moral to them, I could focus on this more than the actual story itself showing it through images.
- Using myth and reality?
- Turn a traditional theme into a modernised version.
- Using a traditional Fairy Tale I could re - illustrate it using a modernised updated version. 
- With a book comes TYPE. The Illustrations are going to be working with text:
- How much text do I want to use?
- How much text is going to be needed to allow the viewer to be able to understand it?
- Using minimal text could give me the opportunity to challenge myself in producing Illustrations that have to tell the story unaided by text. 
- With this I am very aware that Fairy Tales are mainly aimed at children, this is going to be a slight problem as I don't really want to aim my work this age group. This means I would have to interpret it to appeal to adults which could be an interesting concept. Alot of Fairy Tales have a dark and more sinister side to them so concentrating on this could allow me to appeal to the older audience. 

Narrative Illustration

- Pick a body of text and then Illustrate it.
- This could be ANYTHING.......
- Email Anna for suggestions?
- Handbook for Ba Illustration project from Sally. 
- Text could be from anything.... 
  • Speech
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Book
This is defiantly an idea that I am going to research further but it is scary selecting a piece of text from the millions that are out there about millions of things.... 
Where to begin? 

Learning Agreement Talk

Needs to be completed by 20/02/09 
- Draft to be handed in tomorrow. 

After sitting down with Sally this morning and having a group discussion about the learning proposal I am feeling much for confident about putting something together. I was worried that because I haven't yet defined what I want to produce for the Professional Project that I wouldn't really be able to do anything worthwhile for this.

Sally has made it clear however that as long as we submit our ideas/ something of relevance then she will be able to give us some feedback and help us progress forward.

The Learning Proposal:

1. Provide a Synopsis of your proposed study - Why? 
2. Explain what it is going to be.
3. Research.

- Inevitably things will change from the initial proposal especially if you don't have a solid idea.
- You need to be realistic, it is to risky to begin using processes techniques that you haven't done before. This project is your chance to bring together everything you have learned and show your full potential so you don't want to be experimenting with something new. 
- Make the most of the Lecturers
- Look at the language in the assessment matrix's.
- Don't bench mark yourself against others.

1st Part of the agreement is giving a detailed explanation of how, what and why which needs to be between 400 - 600 words. What is special about your idea?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weekly Plan

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Trip to Essex, and as alot of snow has been forecasted I will take full advantage of that.

Thursday - Uni developing Initial Ideas for FMP & Learn Agreement

Friday - Uni Developing ideas for FMP - Learning Agreement 1st Draft to be handed in.

Weekend - Developing work for D&AD 

Friday, 30 January 2009

Tutorial with Hayley

I have been very eager to have a tutorial with Hayley as I feel the input of some one as successful as she has been in this subject would have a lot of impact in the direction my ideas are heading, and I was sure se would be able to give me some general inspiration.

I proposed my original idea which was to rebrand a fashion event using Illustration and showed Hayley my online Portfolio so she could see the style in which I work. As I have felt that this original idea could be a very good project I was quite surprised when Hayley suggested that there would be other means of working that might benefit me alot more and allow me to produce a much more challenging project.

I found what she had to say really interesting and inspiring and it has defiantly made me think twice about the kind of work I want to produce for this project. Hayley said to " challenge your style and place it on something/somewhere that it wouldn't normally be seen". This has made me think about placing my work on publications that haven't used my style of work before, which would then allow me to prove that it can be applied elsewhere, which in its self would be challenging and inspiring = A wining combination.
Hayley mentioned that she herself has re-designed book covers, with her own work and said that I should look at Penguin who actually commission Illustrators to design their book covers. 
Another area that would provide good research material is the AOI website and looking at Vogue and Guardian archives.

"Apply Fashion Illustration To Other Elements Of Which It Wouldn't Normally Be Applied"

Hayley Potter - Illustrator

Visiting Illustrator Hayley Potter gave a talk today on her work and life as an Illustrator in the industry. Her work is very charming and magical, at a first glance I was really intrigued to find out more about all her funny little characters. I especially liked her animals which during her presentation she explained she used them to add a bit of animal into her human illustrations. 

There were a couple of things which Hayley talked about which really caught my attention:
  • Build a portfolio of the things you would like to do (redesign book covers for a book you like)
  • Placing Illustration: Placing Illustration where it wouldn't normally be placed, this really got me thinking about ideas of my FMP, also linking in with promotional material by placing my own work on T-Shirts and other media.
  • SELF PROMOTION - This is something that I am really going to have to consider for this project and especially when working in the industry as I will need to make my self known. Hayley does this by sending regular emails to her mailing list, if anything to keep reminding people of you. Attending meetings and giving talks at least once a month.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Professional Project

Now it is time to pull together all that I have been taught so far and produce a project that will show my true abilities at their best. Using Illustration as my chosen specialist area I am going to bring together all of my practical and professional knowledge of this area, I am going to be working to a professional level which would be required in the industry planning and then producing a final piece which will reflect my style at industry standard.

Producing a conceptual piece that is Illustration based is going to be challenging for the next three months, I am very aware that I am going to have to select a topic that will be enough work to fill this time period, and allow me to produce a adequate final piece, but will also be challenging and realistic by means of sticking to this time scale. 

From a recent brief (greetings cards) I feel that I have finally defined my style and I would really like to challenge this further producing fashion illustrations. An initial idea that I have had which would enable me to do this is to produce all promotional material and re-brand a fashion event using fashion illustration. As far as I know most fashion events use photography rather than Illustration so this would be a challenge in itself to start off with. However I am eager to have a few tutorials first to make sure I am setting off on the right track and give me any other ideas which might be more suitable than this one.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bridging Studies Unit

Today an email has been sent round informing us that this unit will commence on the 9th of February.  This unit requires a 2500 word essay (which is actually alot less than I thought) so in preparation to the first session I will need to have thought of a topic which I can research within the time and resources at AIB.

As I am going to be moving to Ba Illustration this essay will have to reflect this design interest.

I am very aware that I have alot of different commitments going on now so time planning is going to be essential in gaining the most out of these different tasks. Last year I did leave the assignment till quite last minute so this time I am going to manage my time and give myself enough to produce a high quality piece of text.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Art Of Nurture Final Piece

Here is my finished illustration which I will be submitting for the Lloyds TSB Art Of Nurture competition. 

After looking at work that has already been submitted I really liked the Illustrations that were a lot more simple and un busy which inspired me to produce an Illustration that was on this level. 

I wanted to reflect that Lloyds is a worldwide company, that 'nurtures' its customers from people like me to, small and large businesses. I am very pleased with my design as I think it successfully reflects me and my style of working as well as the company's image. Now all I have to do is get it submitted!

Although PPRD only requires that we do one competition brief I really want to focus on completing a D&AD brief as it would be an amazing opportunity to show case my work and myself promoted! I know that I am not the best art managing my time though so I will have to focus on making time for this and prioritizing it as an important project.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Feedback from Catell

I had a quick meeting with Catell today, although we are supposed to be using these sessions with her to get feedback on the competition briefs we spent most of the session discussing the design of my design of my website. 

She genuinely liked the simplicity of my design, as an Illustrator she said that it is important that you don't distract the viewer away from your work by creating a website that it to busy and over the top. Illustration websites that are simplistic and let the work do the talking are much more effective. I am very confident that this is the type of website that I have designed. 

Catell commented that she liked the way my hand rendered font gives it a sketch book type feel to it, I hadn't really thought of this before but know she has mentioned it I can see what she means and I do like this affect. On my title bar you can see a faint pencil line which I forgot to edit out but I am now considering keeping this. 

Onto a topic that I seem to be neglecting and making the bottom of my priorities... D&AD.

Catella has asked me to produce 3 rought sketches of some idea's for the Illustration Brief ' KPMG' . 

Here are a few points that she put across that I should keep in mind when designing the Illustrations:
* This Illustration is going to be displayed in Central London, so I should concentrate on designing an illustration that is the complete opposite of drab, conformed inner city, office life.
* Something like the countryside, holidays.
* Bright and Colorful. 

So overall this was a very helpful chat, and I feel she has given me the urge to start getting stuck into this brief now.