Thursday, 15 January 2009

5 Pattern Birds

After a day of getting frustrated fiddling around with little bits of patterned paper, and getting a sore thumb I have finally got 5 successfully made little birds.
I am really pleased with the outcome even though they were very frustrating and fiddly to make at times. I was worried that you would be able to see the pattern on them when they were scaled down but I am going to experiment now with the sizing of them in context. This will also prepare me for the next group critique as I will be able to gain some accurate feedback if people can see a clear image of them looking like they would on my website.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Laura Ashley Pattern

I went on a little trip today with Vicky, Luke, Ollie and Chris to The Range and came across these gorgeous pattern samples by Laura Ashley.

I think these would make very good birds!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

PPRD update from Neil

Neil has sent round an email today just giving us an update on what we need to be concentrating on using our PPRD for.

Last year I didnt keep a blog/diary and therefore found myself in the position where I was having to sit down and backtrack for weeks worth of work at a time. Therefore I didn't get the mark that I wanted as I was always struggling to keep on top of it. 
Having this blog this year has solved that problem, PPRD was always pushed to the back of my priorities (work wise), whereas this year I am finding it quite addictive!

* Blog or progress file or diary - Contain details of your work, the planning and development for a Competition and Live brief.

* Research

* Planning

* Meetings

* Timetables 

* Tutorial notes

* Notes on Seminars and training.

Alongside this I will need to hand in a Portfolio including work from my FMP.

My main concern from this email is that as of yet I haven't done anything relating to a Live and Competition Brief. So as soon this website brief is handed in I will pushing on with a competition brief.


With the design of my website well under way, as I mentioned before it is going to look very plain and simple. Therefore I have been brainstorming ideas to make it a little bit more quirky/interesting. 

A huge trend seems to be at the moment that illustrators are using a lot of animals as imagery in their work, I experimented with this in my Greetings Cards and I was really pleased with result. So I have been looking at Birds, in-particular Blue Tits. I love all the different positions that people have photographed them in and I feel that they they would bring that little extra 'something' that I am looking for to my website.

I have been looking at using them as the links to the other pages such as 'about', 'contact' etc instead of just having type links. I will need to incorporate the type into the bird designs to keep the navigation clear to the viewer to where they are actually heading when they click on the link. 

I'm not sure about how I am going to produce them, I have been looking at making them up of block colours giving an almost screen printed effect or making them out of patterns....

Monday, 12 January 2009

WWF painted hands

When I was researching into existing campaigns which have used hands, or hand imagery I cam across these images.

I think they are brilliant - a great example of advertising that is so simple but very effective!

Existing Campaigns Using Hands