Thursday, 11 December 2008

Jonathan Doney

A visit from this typographer a well respected designer and member of the ISTD I felt very privileged to be part of a small group who sat in his presentation then got the chance to have a group discussion with after.

Although I am undecided on whether to progress with the Three Minute ISTD brief I still wanted to sit on on this talk as all information from any professional in the design industry is valuable.

I found the talk very inspiring and helpful especially towards the presentation of your work for any competition brief not just ISTD. 

Presenting to Proffesionals: Present as if you would to a client. 

From the samples of work he showed from other existing ISTD members - Alan Fletcher, Alan Kitching, Michael Johnson and Mike Dempsey I am going to look at their work further.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Weekly Plan

I have alot that I want to do before I move home for Christmas as I will be working full time for the full three weeks which makes me worry about how much time, or how little time I am going to have to concentrate on my Website and on a competition brief. So I need to make the most of this week.

Monday - Researching for the Website 

Tuesday - Working on Competition Briefs 

Wednesday - Produce some initial ideas for the Critique

Thursday - Talk from Jonathan Doney & Critique

Friday - Developing website ideas using feedback for the Critique

Saturday - Traveling home for Christmas

Hopefully I will manage to stick to this. I will defiantly be prioritising developing my initial ideas using feedback from the Critique whilst the ideas are fresh in my head.