Friday, 7 November 2008

1st Critique - Animal Packaging

This week I have struggled to get into this brief and I wasn't 100% on what was expected of us, It seems that it is our ideas and thought process then presentation techniques that are what is important not the actual final outcome of the project, by means of making it. 

I had a few rough ideas to show for the Crit by means of shape, however I have of yet to discover the templates for these ideas. I'm not going to be adventurous and design some whacky packaging in the sense of shape and materials etc, but keep my template design simple - a cube, and then focus on the illustrations as the selling point. 

I was looking through designs in a packaging book from the library and found a stencil based design which set my brain going in creating my own stencil designs for this packaging. I will now research into stencil designs, existing work to then enable me to develop my ideas further. 

Overall this idea got good feedback and in the words of James McMorrrow I now need to 'take it to the next level!'