Friday, 17 October 2008

Evaluation of Look Again/ Think Again

I was always looking forward to this brief being set because of not really involving myself in the Design world over the summer. However when the brief was first set I struggled to determine what was actually expected of us and found it quite vague, which didn't give me the confidence to go of and begin brainstorming ideas and research as I didn't want to be wasting time heading in the wrong direction.

After a chat with Neil I had a much clearer idea of what we were supposed to be doing and I got stuck in. Because it was such a short brief I was very aware that we had little time to so I planned my time so I wouldn't over research and not leave myself enough time to produce the actual poster. 

Although I struggled with the concept to begin with,  and changed my final piece quite alot I am pleased with my final out come and I think that I have met all the requirements of the brief. 

Cards, Cards, Cards

I have began to research into my idea for the greeting cards. I want to produce them on fashion illustrations, as this is the type of illustration I want to head towards so this will be good to show my work style in my portfolio. 

I have decided to use the fashion and culture magazine 'Pop' as my client, and then the target market will be all of Pop magazines clients. They can use this set of cards to send out to their clients. I am going to be leaving them blank so that they can be used for a number of occasions.

I have always read Pop magazine so I have a nice little collection of them to get an idea of ther style that I will incorporate into my illustrations. They will have to reflect the present season, which is Autumn/Winter and then obviously the fashion and trends at the moment. I have noticed that Pop always seem to use animals in their editions, so as it is a British magazine I will look at using British winter animals such as a Stag, Foxes.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Final Poster Crit

This was the final critique for our poster campaign Look Again/Think Again. I was quite disappointed that Sally did not understand mine, when everyone else has. But apart from that I didn't really get any new feedback other than what I got in the main Critique. There are a few changes that I need to make but I am going to prioritise on the Greeting Cards project at the moment and put some time aside at the end of this unit to come back and make amendments to my poster.