Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Initial Designs for Invites

I have used both images and a selection of layouts for Samantha to choose from. I have also experimented with different font colours so she has a variety to have a look at. I am aware that time is now running out and she needs to get these sent out asap.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Catella Ronca

We have received an email today informing us that Illustrator Catella Ronca will be coming in to do a presentation and talk to the group.

I have had a quick look at her website and examples of her work. Her style is very bright and colorful giving it a fun feeling. I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to work alongside an Illustrator and have her their to get feedback on my own work.

Information for Birthday Invitations

I am really pleased that Samantha liked the images I submitted and that she is happy for them to be used as they are on her invites. Although we only need one design she has said that she doesn't have a preference so I am going to design the invites using both images which should hopefully make the decision easier. 

Here is the information that will need to be displayed on the reverse:

Hi Lauren,

Here is the information as requested.

You have been invited to Samantha Kingsburys 21st Birthday 

Date: Saturday 10th January 

Time : 9PM

Venue: Upstairs in Suju, 28 The Highstreet, Swindon

RSVP: 07763839405

& a place for me to write the name of the guest it will be sent to. 

I am going to need around 60 printed off at the moment but if I need anymore after that I will let you know.

Thanks again,


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Initial Artwork for Birthday Invites

Here are two images which I have produced for the Invitations which work as a pair. 

I feel that these are defiantly fashionable and girly, but have a much more stylish look to them rather than 'pretty'. I have submitted these to Samantha so now I just have to wait for her approval, or see if she wants anything alternated.