Friday, 6 February 2009

A further chat with Sally and Hayley

We had another group tutorial today with all the illustrators which was good as I got to hear about everyones ideas. Being a little stuck on my own I was hoping to use this a bit of inspiration. 

Mike Ryan gave a quick presentation on previous projects that have been produced for FMP's and I was shocked when one was shown which was the re-branding of the clothes show, which was near enough the same as my original idea. I had pretty much written of this idea but seeing it again made me think twice about it seen as Mike informed us that this was a very successful one.

However when I proposed this at the tutorial i was again directed away from it for the same reasons as before. I got quite fustrated because alot of people have very solid ideas that they can get on and progress with, whereas I feel I am just going around in circles. A draft of our Learning Agreements were due to be in at the end of today but I dont feel I can produce one that is even satisfactory until I have defined a clear idea. 

It was suggested that I look into Costume and produce fashion illustrations using this theme rather than base them solely on your more typical 'catwalk' illustrations. This has really appealed to me but I was uncertain of what I could produce as a final piece - would a set of Illustrations solely be enough? 
It was also pointed out that Illustrators jobs are to work with a piece of text they are given and Illustrate it so as I want to progress onto Ba Illustration this is something that I am going to have to show I am capable doing. 

A few classics that I have come to mind that I could illustrate are Casanova, Pride & Prejudice, Moulin Rouge and Chicago.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Professional Project Tutorial with Sally

I came in this morning with a few vague initial ideas, but after this group tutorial with Sally it has put on the right track and got the ideas flowing. I feel that I have a much more clearer idea of what is expected of us/what we need to produce by means of volume of work which has now made it easier to brainstorm ideas that are much more realistic. Whereas before I was looking at projects that would simply be to big which would hold me back from completing them as  thoroughly and as professionally as I could. 

I was told last week that this is going to be the mater piece of my Portfolio this is the piece of work which could potentially get me a job, or progress me onto further education by means of a Ba. I was asked where I see myself this time next year and that, that is where I need to use this project to get me there. 

I am an Illustrator and therefore this project will be the key to progressing onto third year Illustration. 

Initial Ideas:

Editorial Illustration

 - Using a classic Fairy Tale and re-illustrating it with my own work. 
 - Most Fairy Tales have a moral to them, I could focus on this more than the actual story itself showing it through images.
- Using myth and reality?
- Turn a traditional theme into a modernised version.
- Using a traditional Fairy Tale I could re - illustrate it using a modernised updated version. 
- With a book comes TYPE. The Illustrations are going to be working with text:
- How much text do I want to use?
- How much text is going to be needed to allow the viewer to be able to understand it?
- Using minimal text could give me the opportunity to challenge myself in producing Illustrations that have to tell the story unaided by text. 
- With this I am very aware that Fairy Tales are mainly aimed at children, this is going to be a slight problem as I don't really want to aim my work this age group. This means I would have to interpret it to appeal to adults which could be an interesting concept. Alot of Fairy Tales have a dark and more sinister side to them so concentrating on this could allow me to appeal to the older audience. 

Narrative Illustration

- Pick a body of text and then Illustrate it.
- This could be ANYTHING.......
- Email Anna for suggestions?
- Handbook for Ba Illustration project from Sally. 
- Text could be from anything.... 
  • Speech
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Book
This is defiantly an idea that I am going to research further but it is scary selecting a piece of text from the millions that are out there about millions of things.... 
Where to begin? 

Learning Agreement Talk

Needs to be completed by 20/02/09 
- Draft to be handed in tomorrow. 

After sitting down with Sally this morning and having a group discussion about the learning proposal I am feeling much for confident about putting something together. I was worried that because I haven't yet defined what I want to produce for the Professional Project that I wouldn't really be able to do anything worthwhile for this.

Sally has made it clear however that as long as we submit our ideas/ something of relevance then she will be able to give us some feedback and help us progress forward.

The Learning Proposal:

1. Provide a Synopsis of your proposed study - Why? 
2. Explain what it is going to be.
3. Research.

- Inevitably things will change from the initial proposal especially if you don't have a solid idea.
- You need to be realistic, it is to risky to begin using processes techniques that you haven't done before. This project is your chance to bring together everything you have learned and show your full potential so you don't want to be experimenting with something new. 
- Make the most of the Lecturers
- Look at the language in the assessment matrix's.
- Don't bench mark yourself against others.

1st Part of the agreement is giving a detailed explanation of how, what and why which needs to be between 400 - 600 words. What is special about your idea?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weekly Plan

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Trip to Essex, and as alot of snow has been forecasted I will take full advantage of that.

Thursday - Uni developing Initial Ideas for FMP & Learn Agreement

Friday - Uni Developing ideas for FMP - Learning Agreement 1st Draft to be handed in.

Weekend - Developing work for D&AD