Saturday, 10 January 2009

Typo and Handwritten

These two books have been a great source of Inspiration to me, I remember James and Vicki both using the book 'Handwritten' for past projects and recommending it so after having a look for myself it has defiantly given me a few more ideas and inspiration.


I got given the Zeixs 'TYPO' book last christmas along with the illustration version, both of which I am constantly flicking through for ideas.

Art of Nurture cont.....

After doing some initial ideas generation I have been developing the idea of using hand imagery in my design to represent the unity, and working together in partnership to represent Lloyds.

I have been using this information to develop ideas to reflect this paragraph.

Here are a few examples of images that show the type of imagery I will be using in my Illustration.

Friday, 9 January 2009

A bit of Type?

Today I have began to design the handwritten text for my website. I want a lose inky, slightly sketchbook looking text. It does need to be legible but at the same time I don't want it to look like its being carefully drawn.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Brendons Recommendation for Tutorials

I noticed that Brendon kindly gave James a link to a really good tutorial site for Dreamweaver 


So this will probably worth having a look at.

My aims for this week..

Sunday - Catch up with some Blogging 

Monday and Tuesday - Begin designing my website & have designs to show for the Critique
                                         Selecting which work I want to display
                                         Preparing this work e.g rescanning/photographing.

Wednesday - Day off (maybe continue a bit more research if i get bored).

Thursday - Make sure I have some well developed sketches/plans to show for tomorrows critique.

Friday & over the weekend - Begin online tutorials for dreamweaver.

Back from Christmas

It was nice to be back today, I have felt like I've been drifting a bit this last week, having a full time job for the past three weeks I have struggled to find the time to sit down and progress with my work, even get my head into design mode. After sitting at a computer screen all day all I wanted to do when I got home was relax. 

So after having a taster of the boring mundane office lifestyle, being away from the creativeness I am now very eager to get back into my work. 

I knew that unfortunately over the Christmas period my time would be limited towards my work and therefore I made sure I got most of my research done before we broke up. This has benefited me hugely as I can now start designing and building my website. Although I am very aware that I am going to have to do a few tutorials first.

Existing entries for 'The Art Of Nurture'

Here are some entries which have already been submitted for this competition. I have noticed that it seems very broad what you can produce as you can see from the following artwork.


Wednesday, 7 January 2009


This has got me very excited - an email from Neil confirming that we will doing screen printing the second week of February.

I experimented with this a bit when doing my A levels and really enjoyed it. I have alway wanted the chance to develop my skills in this area, and being an Illustrator I have always admired the work of others using this method.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Selecting work for my website

I am finding this quite hard to do, as I am creating an image/style of myself as an Illustrator I have decided that I am going to include examples of my illustration work only. Looking back at the work I produced last year I am not keen on anything apart from my photography and Illustrations. 

I have been looking at:

3 x London Illustrations
Magazine layout Illustrations for Stefan Sagmeister, and then from this year my Greetings Cards.

Initially I was really worried that I don't have enough work that in my eyes is good enough/reflects me as an illustrator. But looking at the websites produced last year there are alot of people that only had 10 of less images displayed.

Even if I have minimal work being displayed on my site I would rather just show the work that I want potential clients to see, the work that is of a high quality, rather than include everything, the less successful more experimental work and lose potential clients because its not up to the standards it should be.

Not that there's anything wrong with minimal and simple.

Lloyds TSB Art Competition

After receiving an Email about this competition I thought that it would be a worthwhile competition to enter. I haven't had the time to read into it properly yet but if my greetings cards are already suitable then it seems silly to not enter them. 
After reading the background information about this competition I don't think my Greetings Cards are going to be suitable as they are fashion illustrations. However I would like to produce some further Illustrations to submit. I just need to find some extra time to do this before the deadline.