Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have been researching into the company to give me a broader perspective on their ethics and image. I have been looking at the logo, and the arts impressions of the new building that we are designing the Illustration for. I am now much more aware of the scale that it is going to be projected onto. 

I feel that I know have enough research on the company and that I now need to progress on idea generating for the final piece. I will need to look into the aspects of the countryside/earth/greenery/nature and then tie this in with the idea of a community and knowledge. 

I am very aware that I should be alot further than I am with this so I'm defiantly prioritisong this brief at the moment.


Well today has been..... long to say the least. We were supposed to have prepared a 1 minute presentation to do to the rest of the course to gain feedback upon. However they went on for a lot longer and lasted the whole day. 

Although this was arranged to benefit us I don't feel like it has benefited me but rather taken away days researching that I had planned to do. Although I got more feedback on my idea it ended up contradicting what I had been previously told. After a tutorial with Sally and Kit yesterday I was told I had a good foundation for a project and that I now needed to begin researching, whereas today I got the feedback I needed to define what I wanted to do as at the moment a series of Illustrations isn't enough work for the 12 week period.

After being pleased that I had finally got a clear idea that had been given the ok to develop, I know feel a bit disheartened as I seem to be going round in circles still. I am very aware that three weeks have passed an I haven't began my sketch book yet!

So I need to relook at maybe adding narrative from the play to my illustrations, another idea was designing the whole program instead of just a spread.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

First Draft of my Learning Agreement


After neglecting this brief yet again, I am going to know make this one of my higher priorities to get completed. I have began by reading the brief again and getting an understanding of who and what KPMG are and the work they do.

"KPMG is one of the largest professional services in the world offering tax, audit and advisory services. Their employees are very important to them and there position as a market leader depends on the excellence and knowledge of their people. They want to be regarded as outstanding professionals who work together to deliver value".

I have picked out some main points which I feel I will need to reflect in my design:
  • Global Network of Firms.
  • Largest accounting firm in Europe.
  • 'Knowledge is Valuable'.
  • Working environment where people can 'flourish' and fulfill their potential.
  • Lend a human aspect to the office environment.
  • Community.
  • Employees.
Keywords: Global, Network, Knowledge, Flourish, Employees, Human.

From this I have decided that I want my Illustration to reflect these aspects but not the inner city, office lifestyle. So I will be focusing on Colour, Nature, Countryside, Holidays. 

Monday, 9 February 2009

First Theory Session

We had our first Theory session with Anna today and I am very pleased with how it went, we were informed that by the end of the hour session we would have to have a title for the assignment. I thought that this was going to be impossible as I didn't have a clue what I could do?

However Anna was great, all I explained was my idea for my FMP and that I wanted to progress onto Ba Illustration, then that I am interested in editorial/narrative and fashion Illustration. From this we came up with the idea that I will focus on how there is a growing preference for hand rendered Illustration rather than photographic within fashion/editorial Illustration.
Things that I could look at regarding this are,
  • How the two express/signify something different.
  • Use of them in Mainstream magazines such as ID, Vogue, Pop, Dazed&Confused.
  • Analyse and decode the functions of selected Illustrations.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the consumer.
I will need to narrow this down further though, by comparing campaigns by a Fashion Photographer and an Illustrator such as Nick Knight and Julie Verhoven.
It was recommended that we get the nessessary books out of the library asap as the degree courses will all be starting their essays as well.
For next weeks session we need to have a working title and campaigns to decode/analyse and compare. I am very determined to make the most of Anna's sessions this time as it is alot more independent self directed study as it is.


This is the idea I have decided to progress with after running it through with both Sally and Kit and getting the thumbs up.

I am going to produce a set of Illustrations about 6 -8 to illustrate the production Moulin Rouge, which can be used as collectors items or souvenirs. As this hasn't been made into a West End show I am going to produce the material for this as if it was. I will design a page in the program the audience would have been given when attending the show where these Illustrations will be advertised, plus a poster as other advertising material. 

The Illustrations will be focusing on the costume designs from that era, and will be displayed in fashion illustrations. I will be using a range of collage-able materials focusing on the colour and texture of the costumes. I will be researching into the history of the Moulin Rouge, how it came about and how it changed from the days of Post Impressionism and Toulouse Lautrec, to the modern day 2001 production by Baz Lurhmann starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. 

Here is some initial brainstorming:

Here are the areas in which I am going to begin my research on to fully understand as many aspects of the Moulin Rouge.

Where it was set - Pigalle, Montmatre, Paris.
Time era it was produced/came about.
Period between two wars, and period of transition.
Can-Can Dance - French Can Can
Miss Doris, Doris Girls
Costumes - Materials and Designers
Henri Toulouse Lautrec (his posters for Moulin Rouge) & Post Impressionist Period
+ other artists of his time like Dali, Picasso, Van Gough.
Art Nouvoue  
History of the Poster
Lithography & Printing History of this time

Baz Luhmann
2001 Production
Brought a trend in further films - Chicago, Sweeny Todd, Dream Girls
Promotional Material from this.
Release details

Compare all of the above against the original Moulin Rouge/original designs for costumes/ advertising.
Why has it not been shown as a West End Musical?

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Finally a solid idea?

After deliberating over the weekend, I think I have finally found a topic that might be suitable for my professional project.

I want to produce a set of Illustrations focusing on the costume and fashion of the production, these could then be sold as collectors items or souvenirs for those who have seen any of the productions from the original shows in Paris or Baz Luhrmanns 2001 film. I could then place these contextually be designing a poster that would advertise them and a spread in the program that would be available when attending a show.

However I am going to run this past the Tutors before I begin the research etc.

Plan for the Week