Friday, 5 December 2008

I LOVE Hand rendered type!

I have always enjoyed using hand rendered type, but more so this year I am addicted to it. I am noticing it everywhere. I think that as an Illustrator it is such a strong part of your identity, when designing my website I will defiantly be using hand rendered type as much as possible if for everything. 

I have been looking at Illustrators who have also used hand rendered type, and there is alot. Here are a few that have really appealed to me.

Talya Baldwin -
Chris Ede -

Sara Fanelli -

Because hand rendered almost sketchy type is quite dominating and bold I will have to keep the rest of my website very simple as to avoid over complicating it distracting the viewer from my work.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Flash Workshop - Making Buttons

This workshop was one which I really paid alot of attention to as I will be using buttons on my website linking to pages such as:
Blog, Portfolio, CV, About me etc...

From initial ideas that come to my mind these buttons will either simply be links from the above in Hand rendered type, or I am thinking of designing tabs which almost look along the lines of luggage labels.

These are from Sara Fanelli's website:

This is the kind of thing I would like to design for myself. Although I am very wary of making my wedsite look to busy so alot of experimenting is to be had I think.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Talya Baldwin

I have spent the after noon looking at the Websites of exiting Illustrators, and I came across Talya Baldwin. 

I was completely intrigued by her work, I love the pencil sketches and the delicacy of some her illustrations. I have never heard of her before so I'm not sure how well known she is but I will defiantly be using her as a source of inspiration from now on.

The simplicity of her website also appealed to me. I am finding the use of hand rendered type and thumbnail collages very appealing. This also seems to be a very common design trait for illustrators.