Friday, 21 November 2008

Visual Communication in Context 2 Overall

Overall I have had a lot of mixed feelings about this unit. Firstly I found the way that it has been taught very different to the way in which we were taught last year in the way that I didn't receive much help or guidance through them even when I asked. The briefs were set and then we were expected to go off on our own initiative get on with them and then hand the work in, I found that the only time I got some needed guidance was during the critiques. Im not sure if I can decide whether this is something that I will find useful at the end of this course because that is how we will be working in the industry or whether it has reflected badly in my work as I haven't had as much confidence in my ideas.

The first two briefs I worked solely in sketch books and then the third packaging brief I decided that I would work solely on design sheets, as I wanted to determine which style I worked best on. I think that the design sheets looked a lot more professional and I was nice to have everything laid out in front of you, but then I do love a good sketch book and the messiness of being able to just chuck everything and anything into it. With the design sheets I felt that they needed to be all immaculate. 

I think with my next projects I will work with both these different styles, doing all my research in sketch books and the developing my design ideas and final working drawings on design sheets. 

The greetings cards was defiantly my favorite brief as I was able to excel myself in an area of design that I am passionate in, it was also a vital part of work that I will be displaying in my Portfolio. The Packaging project I really struggled with as again I think the brief was really vague and very confusing on what outcomes we were supposed to be producing for it. I found the initial research very enjoyable and the group project was very successful as we worked very well as a team but towards the end of the project I did struggle on what I was actually supposed to be producing by means of final working drawings and mock ups.