Friday, 31 October 2008

Our boy Will

This is Will and he is the person we created as the type of teenage boy that we are aiming our packaging at. 

This is a slide from our presentation, I've never really enjoyed speaking out in front of people in things like this I would much rather sit back and let everyone else do the talking. However this was one of my things that I wanted to improve and build my confidence up in. I did actually enjoy doing this pitch as I was confident we had a good solid idea and I was keen to impress the tutors with it, and I think that we were sucessfull as a team in doing that.

Animal Group work

As part of the criteria for this brief we had to work in a small group to cover initial research and begin developing initial ideas. I was a bit dubious of today as I haven't had very good experience of working in a group so far on this course. 

However today couldn't have gone better, I was selected to work with a really good group of people that I know are hard workers and would put in alot of effort. By lunch time we had completed a couple of brainstorms, agreed on a target market and assigned each other areas to research in pairs.  How organised!

Being this organised defiantly paid off though, by the end of the day we had cover a huge area of research and put together a humorous but in depth presentation. I felt very on track and inspired as I knew exactly what I was doing and couldn't wait to get into the designing stage. 

Our agreed target market is teenage boys aged 10 - 16, who are going to be moving up to secondary school. They are boys who are beginning to become more independent in their choices and are feeling the need to fit into the current trends. We chose this target market because we wanted to do something different, we guessed that alot of people would be aiming their ideas on the surfing side to Animal, we wanted to steer away from that in order to produce something more unique. Animal do produce clothing and merchandise for this age range but it isn't well publicised, therefore we are also targeting a gap in their current campaigns. 

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Animal Watches - The Packaging

Today we were briefed on this live project which is going to challenge us on producing and displaying ideas in a short time period. We have to define a target market within Animal which we want to aim our designs at, then move it forward using appropriate research, mood boards and rough designs to gain understanding of material, processes. It seems that it is not the final piece that is of importance in this brief but the understanding and research behind it, and our concepts along with the presentation of ideas. 

I am very aware that this project is going to be very in depth and I think that I am going to find it challenging as it will be requiring me to work in areas that I don't normally. I am also very aware of the timescale that we have to work to and how small it is. The final crit for this project is in 16 days, and the deadline for this whole unit is in 21 days. Oh my god!