Monday, 9 March 2009

Plan for the week.....AGAIN

Monday - Theory with Anna AM, and then doing last minute touch ups for PPRD where necessary. Hand in 4.30PM

Tuesday, Weds and Thursday - Cracking on with FMP I want all my research finished by this weekend, at least printed off. Three days of solid hard work should put me in the position where I have enough information to start designing.

Friday - Home for the weekend for my Dads 50th. 

Monday - Back to Bournemouth for Berlin!! 

Friday, 6 March 2009

Final CV

PPRD Hand In

Well the hand in is on monday and I feel that I am pretty much there... I have already done everything on Neil's list below, but everything needs bits doing to it and touch ups. I have completely redesigned my CV which is now complete to a high professional standard and all the work that I am proud of and feel represents me has been documented as a plan in a simple PDF which I can print out and amend at a later date, as I know that by the end of this course I will want to add my FMP work to it at least. 

As I have kept up my blog religiously this year I am confident that there is sufficient planning, reflection and development shown in this over the year to meet the assessment requirements and learning outcomes. Last year I didn't make much effort with this unit and I managed to scrape a pass handing in handouts and evaluations. I learnt my lesson from this as I didn't benefit from it at all so this year I have almost got addicted to this blog documenting everything. It has come to be part of my daily routine to update it religiously. Although I started it off with the intention of it being just for PPRD it is now alot more personal than that and I will be carrying it on to the end of the course as I like doing it, and looking back on my posts to see what I have achieved throughout the year and the goals I set myself.

Dear all,

To confirm the hand in for PPRD is the end of the day (4.30) Monday the 9th. There is a sign in sheet in the store cupboard - Jo, Kit or myself can sign it off. 

You need to hand in:

  • A correctly spelt blog address or print based journal
  • Plan for portfolio
  • CV
  • Evidence of live projects and competition brief

Also can the people who students who volunteered for the show preparation meet me on Monday at 2.00 for a brief briefing. 

Good luck,

Neil Leonard  

Research and Development Tutorial

I was a bit apprehensive about this tutorial as I wasn't really sure what the tutors were expecting from us by means of volume of work, however Mike seemed very happy that had enough work in my sketch book so far, and a sufficent amount of research. 

We agreed that I do need to stop looking into the history of The Moulin Rouge now though and concentrate on looking at the film and collecting materials/ images etc to use for my illustrations.

I am very aware that we are quite into this brief but I still have so much that I want to do and time seems to be running out already if I continue to stick to my own personal goals. I wanted all my research done by next weekend, so that when I am back from Berlin I can begin designing over easter. But I think I am going to have to balance this with further research as I feel there are alot more topics I need to look at to support my ideas and then my work. 

Thursday, 5 March 2009

'A View Of London' AOI show

Neil has just sent round information about this competition:

A View of London
AOI/London Transport Museum members exhibition

To be held 18 May – 14 June 2009
AOI is delighted to announce an exhibition in partnership with London Transport Museum (LTM). 
The exhibition will feature the work of AOI members under the theme of ‘A View of London’ – illustrations 
celebrating the vibrancy of present day London.
The exhibition will be open to all AOI members, as part of our promotion of the illustration profession, with selected images being displayed in the Museum’s gallery from 18 May to 14 June 2009 - a fantastic opportunity to have your work exhibited in this great central London venue in Covent Garden which attracts thousandsof visitors per week. 
Artwork entered for selection should be: an image of London, portraying the city as an exciting and varied place for Londoners and visitors alike, reflecting aspects of London which you relate to and enjoy. The selection will be made by AOI and LTM executives.
Deadline: Friday 20 March 2009
For further details on submitting for this exciting opportunity click on

Illustration by Chris Watson

Neil Leonard  

Senior Lecturer, FdA Visual Communication
The Arts Institute at Bournemouth
BH12 5HH

Portfolio Tips

I have just got an Email from Neil with a link to a brilliant Portfolio guidance and tips PDF.

I'm am sure this is going to come in very handy this weekend.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


This was a quick CV that I produced for my website as I didn't have much time, but I have now developed that into a much better designed piece of Art work. 

New CV.....

I still need to add a few sections to it and do some final touch ups though.