Friday, 6 March 2009

PPRD Hand In

Well the hand in is on monday and I feel that I am pretty much there... I have already done everything on Neil's list below, but everything needs bits doing to it and touch ups. I have completely redesigned my CV which is now complete to a high professional standard and all the work that I am proud of and feel represents me has been documented as a plan in a simple PDF which I can print out and amend at a later date, as I know that by the end of this course I will want to add my FMP work to it at least. 

As I have kept up my blog religiously this year I am confident that there is sufficient planning, reflection and development shown in this over the year to meet the assessment requirements and learning outcomes. Last year I didn't make much effort with this unit and I managed to scrape a pass handing in handouts and evaluations. I learnt my lesson from this as I didn't benefit from it at all so this year I have almost got addicted to this blog documenting everything. It has come to be part of my daily routine to update it religiously. Although I started it off with the intention of it being just for PPRD it is now alot more personal than that and I will be carrying it on to the end of the course as I like doing it, and looking back on my posts to see what I have achieved throughout the year and the goals I set myself.

Dear all,

To confirm the hand in for PPRD is the end of the day (4.30) Monday the 9th. There is a sign in sheet in the store cupboard - Jo, Kit or myself can sign it off. 

You need to hand in:

  • A correctly spelt blog address or print based journal
  • Plan for portfolio
  • CV
  • Evidence of live projects and competition brief

Also can the people who students who volunteered for the show preparation meet me on Monday at 2.00 for a brief briefing. 

Good luck,

Neil Leonard  

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